What's this EXIF data?

Did you know that almost all digital cameras (including SmartPhones) save specific metadata, such as camera settings and scene information, within the image (photo) files that they create?

This information is called EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data. Information such as the camera or phone make, model and image resolution is stored within the photo. GPS enabled cameras may also store location information from where the picture was taken.

whatmyphotosays.com lets you view the EXIF data for photos found on your computer or the internet.

Follow this link to whatmyphotosays.com and see what EXIF data is saved in your pictures.

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

I have long been an advocate of sites such as ThinkGeek.com. As I had mentioned before, I have purchased a number of items from the site. I think the apparel is hilarious. As I was browsing through the latest duds I came across the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt.
The Wi-Fi Detector Shirt is a neat way to detect Wi-Fi signals. I am sure that it attracts a little attention as well. I think I need to get one of these shirts.

*Image source ThinkGeek.com

Who is copying your web site?

In the academic world (and various other worlds as well) there are a number of tools that are used to detect plagiarism. Plagiarism comes in many forms and if you have a published web site it could be easy for some of your content to show up on another page. The vast number of web sites published makes it difficult to search them all. I came across this cool web site the other day. CopyScape is a web site that allows you to search for copies of your web site on the Internet. I have only experimented with the free CopyScape service, and it seems pretty cool.

Rock Paper Scissors


This game is an adaptation of the popular Rock Paper Scissors game. Rock Paper Scissors is a popular game that is typically played between two people. It is a game that can be played pretty much anywhere and is fun for all ages. This page allows you to play against a computer.

Rock Paper Scissors has three basic rules:

  1. Each players substitute the three elements of Rock, Paper and Scissors with hand signals.
  2. The hand signals are delivered simultaneously by each player (Typically one player will say ‘Rock Paper Scissors Shoot’ and both players will display their hand signal when as ‘Shoot’ is said)
  3. The Outcome of play is determined by the following:
    Rock beats Scissors
    Scissors beats Paper
    Paper beats Rock

To play, simply click your button choice. As you make your selection the computer will also choose. Let's see how well you do.

ready to play? Click Here

Geeky Thought

The internet contains a vast number of interesting web sites. If you are like me you categorically bookmark your favorites. One site in particular that I visit often (and tend to get a chuckle out of their apparel) is ThinkGeek.com. They have quit a few gadgets and their t-shirts convey messages quite nicely. Although I can’t have them all (I do wish I had most of them) I did receive a Binary People and SQL query. Next on my wish list is WTF?, No, I will not fix your computer and Dead Hex People.

Any other favorites out there?

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