How to determine the version of PowerShell that is installed?

You can see the version of the PowerShell Engine by using the $PSVersionTable.PSVersion table. If you run Get-Help about_Automatic_Variables and read the contents of the $PSVersionTable you will get the following information:

Contains a read-only hash table that displays details about the version of Windows PowerShell that is running in the current session. The table includes the following items:
CLRVersion: The version of the common language runtime (CLR)
BuildVersion: The build number of the current version
PSVersion: The Windows PowerShell version number
WSManStackVersion: The version number of the WS-Management stack
PSCompatibleVersions: Versions of Windows PowerShell that are compatible with the current version
SerializationVersion: The version of the serialization method
PSRemotingProtocolVersion: The version of the Windows PowerShell remote management protocol

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