Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Find that object on the Menu

Have you ever wondered where on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV menu an object existed? Did you ever wish that there was an easier way to find or search for objects on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV menu?

MenuRead is a utility that was designed to make an easier task out of finding where items are on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV (classic) menu. Using MenuRead you can easily find where objects are located within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV (classic) menu structure. MenuRead’s user interface simplifies the task of browsing through the menu structure. MenuRead has a friendly user interface that allows for the searching by object name or number. MenuRead even searches by partial match. Once a menu item is found its relative path can be easily copied to the clipboard for further reference.

Using MenuRead is as simple as exporting the Menu objects from Microsoft Dynamics NAV as text and loading the exported text file within the application.

MenuRead can be downloaded >>here<< and require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.  I will release updates as they are available.

Download MenuRead


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