Off-topic: Uhm, Rickroll?

Last weekend I did a search for a video on YouTube.  When the search results came up I clicked the link to a video that seemed to be the most relevant.  The video queued up and the video for Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up” song started to play.  Over the video the words ‘You have just been Rickrolled’ appeared.  It took me a moment, but then I realized something funny was going on.  I did a quick Google search for ‘Rickrolled‘ and found out exactly what it was…

The weird thing is that I had never heard any hype or talk about ‘Rickrolling’ until last weekend.  Over the past week, I have heard mention of Rickrolling in some form of media.  ‘Rickrolling’ appeared in blogs, news articles and I even heard radio hosts discussing it.
The whole thing is sort of comical to me.  Was it that I had never paid attention or is it that the RickRolling buzz is still new?
How long will it last?
Next we’ll have “Vanilla Iced” or “Milli-Vanilli’d
Now that gives me an idea…….

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